Unexpected category bump

I noticed recently I’ve been bumped from cat D to C. I’m flattered with the bump but also disapointed as my stats (as far as I can tell) don’t really put me as a cat C racer and I was really hoping to get a win at some point. Now in cat C that win is far away.
I’ve attached a screen cap from zwift power showing my recent stats. I did have one of my better races a few days ago but I felt like I was going to die afterwards (kids were cheering me on so I couldn’t let them down lol). The stats from that race don’t fit the C category as far as I can tell. Is this an error with zwift?

Here is a capture from my zwift profile

It might be your zMAP value?

Think if you over 3.2wkg you are C - though I’d need to check D cat numbers to be sure.

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I’m 72.8kg with zMAP of 184w giving 2.52w/kg well under 3.2…

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Correct but it looks like zMAP is more like 2.5W/kg and zFTP is like 2.33W/kg assuming 72.8kg

Sorry I’m half reading - does that second graphic show your 5 min power at 3.2wkg?

Has someone else used your account?

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Oh I see what happened. Weight was lowered to 58kg at some point. Never lower your weight in any ride. This often happens when people share accounts or reduce weight in a free ride. You can email zwiftpower@zwift.com to see if they want to fix it for you.

Ah, lowered when I was waiting for accounts for my kids to be created! Is there anyway to fix this?

Where do you see the weight in zwiftpower?

it’s one of the columns

I see how yout found 58kg by looking at the zwift stats for 5 minute effort 187 divide 3.27=58kg. Looking at the date and time (Oct 22) this was set it was on my Alpe Du Zwift climb and you can see on zwift power that my weight was set correctly for this event…

Also 58kg isn’t the weight of any of my kids so I don’t know where this came from unless zwift maybe averaged the weight or something?

I saw it in your Zwift profile power data by dividing the Watts by the Watts/kg. Some are 72.8, some are 56-58kg. Category Enforcement uses an average of those weights. Email zwiftpower@zwift.com with an explanation and maybe they fix it. Whether it’s in an event or not does not matter.

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Looking back in my history, kids had their own accounts setup a few weeks prior to the dates these records were set so I had not adjusted the weight for sometime. It would be interesting to know how zwift massages the data. Anyways I’ve emailed and will see if they can fix it.