Cat enforced

Hope you are able to sort it with Zwift.

Looks like you had a very good race in B cat today which I hope has set you a new 60 day PB at 12 min of around 262 and at your 90kg.

If I am right that will help your CE a little bit but you will still be in B. I would be keen to see your figures tomorrow if there is any change, if of course you are happy to share them.

The race also finished about 30 seconds too soon for you as I suspect you were about to set a new 60 day PB for 20 minutes, that would also have helped greatly. I would say your ride today suggests you have recovered well from injury and are back as a Cat C once you can sort the CE weight issue with Zwift.

I hope this helps. I was on my max. The first half of the race. Then it went up and I couldn’t hang on. Little recuperating and then a new race starts for me. The guys that come from behind can’t finish in front of me. :joy::joy::joy: I also hoped the race would take 20 minutes. :man_shrugging:
Could not answer anymore. Other strange rule newbies can’t message unlimited.