Zwift power planned outage issue

@shuji Here in the UK zwift power database is till down even though the main thread says it’s been completed successfully. It also says to report on that thread but you can’t…

I just checked and it working in the USA.

Try to refresh your browser.

You might have to wait until the DNS changes propagate to your ISP.

Working fine for me here in the UK (on Virgin Media).

You see your ranking points for races since 11.10.20?

Mo ranking is still not working.

@schuji, you also indicated that the maintenance was a success. It wasn’t. We still don’t see ranking points for races since November 10. When do you plan to fix this and will the fix be retroactive?

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My impression is that the maintenance was purely for speed purposes and Zwift haven’t bothered to fix the rider database, which has been broken for a while.

So ZwiftPower is just faster to show us a broken rider database now. Success, right?

ZwiftPower seems to have really gone downhill since Zwift took it over.