Zwiftpower not working

Got no events list or results on Zwiftpower on iPad, since it was down for maintenance. Works fine on my android phone, any clue what’s gone wrong.

ZwiftPower on a browser on a PC doesn’t seem to be working correctly today. I’m seeing notes like:

Next Update is overdue. Expected 10 hours ago.

This seems to apply to most events today.

Hello. This is Juan from Zwift. Thank you for sharing your concern in this space. I definitely understand how essential it is for you to see your results and the upcoming events on Zwift Power.

I tested on my side and was able to see my results and the upcoming events. The outage should have been overcome, you can find more here. Don’t be discourage. We are here to help.

I would like to recommend clearing the cache and cookies on your respective devices. This usually helps fix formatting issues on sites, helps increase the loading time of web pages, loads new versions of web pages, and increases the performance.

If the problem persists, please let us know now. We will investigate more about this. You’re always more than welcome.

Has been the same for me. ZP is very late displaying results. Also, sometimes rankings for an event is displayd, only to be missing again a few hours later. Makes my wonder if this is in any way related to the fact that results is nowadays also posted on zwift,com? Seems to me the zp-problem started about the same time zwift,com started posting results.

Hi Juan. Thank you for the response!

In this case the issue was clearly on the server side. ZwiftPower was literally telling me that the next update was overdue. I followed the link you provided and no issues are shown for March 29th, but clearly there was a delay. Things seem to be updating as usual at this time.

My suspicion is that the current ZwiftPower issues may be related to the Big Spin events. High attendance and a large portion of the field late joining the same event (perhaps multiple times). ZwiftPower probably isn’t set-up to deal with that scenario…

Zwiftpower is not updating for yesterday’s Zwift Hill Climb Races. Those race results are showing as “Last updated 1 day ago”. My results are missing as well as some other riders.

No ZwiftPower update since “1 day ago” for the final GC standings for the Zwift Games.

I’ve been hopefully waiting for last nights ZRL race I was in to update but it seems to be stuck with the comment “Next Update is overdue. Expected 15 hours ago” is there someone that has to kick something in the backend to get it updated? wanna see if I gained any points :slight_smile:
I cant include links sadly but the event is zid=4331862

ZwiftPower - ZRL Finals 2023/24 - Open EMEAE Division 1 Cup Semi-Final - Pool 1 (C)

What has not been updated?

WTRL won’t update ZP to turn it into the correct points you’ll have to go to the WTRL website to look for accurate results.

Not sure if it’s the same issue, but “ZRL Finals 2023/24 - Open EMEAW Division 1 Cup Semi-Final - Pool 1 (C)” is also showing incorrect results on zwiftpower. 13 riders with WKG tags not listed in the results.
The WTRL website results do include these riders though, so the points are accurate.

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Just had a look at those results - no zwiftpower ranking points.

Those can sometimes take a while, but I’d expect it to be done by now.

sorry, should have been clearer, I know that the results are on the WTRL site and race points are calculated there, I was interested in my race ranking points within ZP, most of the people in my race were significantly better ranking than me so am interested in that aspect. :slight_smile:

yeah, a bunch of the zrl races seem to be overdue an update by more than 10 hours on ZP.

It’s been a common problem recently

I rode stage 2 of the Lap it Up series yesterday, and I notice that the results show on Zwiftpower, but the ranking points have not been allocated. Also the result does not appear to have been transferred over to Zwift racing either.