ZWIFT Unavailable

(Daniel Smith (AZ)) #1

Went to ride on ZWIFT today with the GCN boys and was greeted with the site being down.  Totally bummed out to say the least.  Guess ZWIFT HQ and their IT staff underestimated the popularity of the GCN boys and the band width and compute power they would need for hosting such an event.  Good learning experience so this sort of thing does not happen again.  I couldn’t even logon on to do a workout ride.


(Alistair Aitken) #2

Ditto, tried to log in for about 15 minutes before finally giving up. Need to fix this.

(Diederik Westerhof [X] CVR (B)) #3

I got in at the pen 29:58 minutes prior to race. Was riding strong till top of 1st KOM and than everybody disappeared out of the world and I had to TT. Automatic strava upload did not work either.

(Mark Tiffany [BRT] (C)) #4

I dropped out about 70% of the way through.  Finished the ride with no-one on the virtual roads around me anyway, but then it didn’t upload.  Have manually uploaded to strava, but race data not showing properly in results on zwiftpower, probably because zwift was down when I crossed the finish line.

Definitely NOT a good advert for Zwift, this really needs sorting before the next big event.  it’s not like you’re not aware that there’s a problem with big events given it has happened before…have you not heard of load testing?

(Justin Priday) #5

I saw the outage after the ZTR Euro race on Tuesday, after the race had finished. Now race results aren’t coming up on zwiftpower though they did make it to Strava. Likely caused by the same issue.