Clubs Update: Oct 2022

It popped up on the home screen with a CA release and disappeared once done.

It still seems a bit odd to me that you ‘need’ to actually join a club to get the unlock. I don’t have a specific club that I actually want to join, but I want the hat, it’s easy to join and then leave a club, but that seems like an odd flow. I would have expected you get the unlock from going to the clubs section because then you know about it, and can make your own determination on whether or not you want to join a club.

Hi Ryan thanks for the update is there any eta on this. Clubs in its current format is pretty much unusable as a communication tool.

Good to see discord link as well is being looked at

Bologna please!!

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Well, I was about to ask whether or not I can get the opportunity to do it again, having probably dismissed that bit early on (I didn’t join a club right away).

But…I just checked my garage, and the hat mas magically appeared :smiley: So I’m assuming there’s some kind of grandfathering clause happening here.

Any plans to change or expand the workout offering?


Would it be possible to add the Post to Club option to the Companion app when saving a ride? It irritates me a little that I need to go over to my laptop to save it and post to the club.

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is there any plans to allow club owners to unlock their kits.

It would be great to have a system to enter riders zwift ID where i can unlocks kits. Would save me, zwift and riders a lot of hassle. seems like a quick win to me just need web front end on the clubs page to enter IDs and of course somehow link who is owner for a club kit.

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Did I miss the memo that it isn’t avaliable? We are using Discord links in our event descriptions (clickable) since Club Events are avaliable to organize :person_shrugging:

Hi Gardin,

I don’t get it… We did post the Discord invite link in our Club’s description (clickable) and event descriptions (clickable as well)… I don’t get it what are they looking at into…


It’s the notifications.

I want to see a few things.

  1. Announcements send a push notification
  2. Club chat can be muted per club (e.g zwift insider has a billion message so i might want to mute that alone)
  3. With a club muted i’d still like to be notified if somebody tags me by name.

This is how most social media communication apps work.

Right now I’m reluctant to use the club chat features as i know the constant notifications will annoy members and all they will do is mute clubs completely as that is the only option available to them

Discord link might work i’ll have to give it a test.

I agree with the notifications part, what I don’t get is the fuss around the Discord link. It works for months now…We did include i since the beginning of Clubs in the Club description, and if we create an event, we put it there as well…

The club chat notifications are insufferable. I quit all the large clubs I joined just to escape the noise. I was interested in the clubs, just could not tolerate the meaningless jabber.

doesn’t work for me i see it in description and is blue as if it’s a link but it does not behave like a link

edit or maybe it does work. Not sure what ZHQ update is with discord then seems fine in events and club description.

I get the general impression nothing has happened with clubs in months so they are probably just revisiting old items. Disappointing clubs could be a great feature but progress has stalled

exactly my worry and why i have avoided using clubs chat. Id love to make use of clubs but not in it’s current state as it will just annoy people and potentially push them away from clubs

@Ryan_Scannell Thanks for the update on Clubs development.

Are you able to share any update on:

  • “rubber-banding” in club events
  • ability to run custom workouts within club events

Our club are longing for these features!!


Yes, strange no mention or update on any of these items from the prior update back in June?

What is Zwift working on now?

Double draft mode
No draft mode
Rubberband mode
Steering mode
Reduce route image sizes on route selection
Abandon / delete a club
Club race creation

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Our club has been waiting a long time too. These are essential features for a club.

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Thanks @Ryan_Scannell for the update,

But no mention about rubberbanding club rides or have I missed something, please please can we have an update on this?


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