"Coffee Stop" In Club Events

When club events are set up as group rides with race results on, I’d imagine the majority of these are being run as races, hence results on. So coffee stop should be turned off, it’s currently on, presumably because it’s technically a group ride.
Saw some “interesting” use in ladder races which are all organised via clubs. Hard to spot and police this so having it off seems most sensible.

You are better off getting us (me) to set up private events for you.

I don’t expect the ability to turn off Coffee Stop when you are essentially using group rides as races.

I think this might be difficult for club ladder given volume of events and large number of individuals responsible for creating them. Happy to discuss directly if you think otherwise, it might be we could set up some automation from our system to ping you an event request, we could pre-set some parameters (power ups etc.) And just have captains populate time and course.
We’re talking 30-40 events per week currently but this will grow.

As it’s a club, can’t you just tell folk it’s against the rules? There’s an icon above the rider using the feature so it can’t be done surreptitiously.

Easy to spot in a small group if the rider is at the back and nobody sees the cup above their heads.

I’m happy to support this but in addition you should just be telling the teams that anyone using the Coffee Stop in the event is an instant team forfeit.

We do/will, but as above, it’s not the easiest to spot or evidence unless someone screenshots or streams it.

Everyone streams it :joy:

We can probably tell from the logs too.

Are the logs accessible by us? We were trying to think how we could automate a check but there is not a foolproof way. You see power/cadence/HR drop while distance continues to increase but this could be argued as being a trainer malfunction

slightly at tangent but what is happening with clubs as that would fix this if races were supported.

I think the last clubs updates was around February it’s like tumbleweed over in that forum. I gave up nudging for an update.

No, these are only accessible to the individual Zwifter and by us.

Forfeit? Why not a permanent ban?

I would be okay with lifetime tea duty.

Are you offering to set up every single race using clubs functionality through the official method? If so, great, but if not, the above request seems very reasonable (especially if results are turned on).

No, I think it’s super niche.

I’ve already spoken with Douglas about setting his events up for him.

Using Clubs events as races is niche? I guess you may have some data to support that. I would imagine it is quite a big percentage of club events, but maybe I only chat in niche circles.

Ultimately this requires a race setting to be available in Clubs, but I don’t have a timeline for that.

Hope you’ve been using Coffee Stop on your Zwift rides :ride_on:

Personally think club events with results on will by and large be races in all but name, and not just a niche used by club ladder. But probably impossible to tell for certain.


I think it depends on the club but I’m not saying you’re wrong.

I’ll see if it’s a quick fix otherwise I wouldn’t want it to detract from our ongoing development work.

No, I wouldn’t suggest it’s worth big dev work but if it’s trivial to toggle coffee off when event results are on I’d expect it will solve more problems than it causes, especially if you start to try and push low attendance races towards clubs than public calendar

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