Coffee Break Greyed Out

Not sure if I’m doing something wrong but during group ride coffee break on companion app is greyed out. The companion app and zwift is upto date @ 24/June/2023.

Have you been riding for at least 30 minutes either since the start of your ride or since a previous coffee stop?

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Or at the back end of the ride? Last few KM?

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Or are you doing a group workout?

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Lots of Group rides are really listed as races. If there is a list of positions at the end, it was a race and the coffee break doesn’t work. That’s my theory.

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In my experience group riders are listed as group rides and races are listed as races(I avoid the latter)

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I think that is a good theory.

@James_Zwift If a group ride wants to show ride positions does this mean it is set up as a race and therefore no coffee break available. OPs ride this morning was, I believe a group ride, but ride positions shown and race results shown in CA Activity.

I was in a group ride today with finishing placings shown and coffee stops happened. I don’t know if they were of the proper duration though.

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Another possibility crossed off in double quick time :grin:

It’s my regular Saturday group ride. I watched my iphone constantly to see if turns on but whole duration of ride it stayed greyed out. I don’t remember I ever used in group ride either but I have in robopacer ride…

No, that’s just a group ride with positions visible.

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just showing it still wasn’t available after 30mins

  • Coffee Shop is disabled in race events, group workouts, and individual workouts. Tip: during individual workouts you can just hit the “Pause” button in Companion or the Action Bar if you need to take a break for any reason.

Guys… Come on…read before.
He said that he was riding into TEAM Italy Saturday Morning Fever.
It’s a group ride, I know it as admin for Team Italy’s event.
I was in that event in the Same time too and my coffee pause worked fine.
At our friend it wasn t working, never, at the beginning, in the middle after one hour, and the event it s 90 minute duration so, there is something wrong, maybe a bug as the intersection one, when people take other direction instead the right one.
@James_Zwift do u know something about this kind of issue?

It is not possible to tell from the ZC screencap that the OP shared what his proximity to other riders is, but it is possible that whenever he looked at the icon he just was not close enough to other riders for the coffee stop to be available? I am not sure what the limit is for this, but I’m pretty sure if if you’re beyond a certain distance the icon will gray out until you return to within that ‘bubble’.

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@James_Zwift I get the Greyed Out Coffee Break on rides where I’m sweeping and I have to sometimes freewheel thru the blob as I rejoin the back of the group at pace (trying to avoid the fence :slight_smile: ).
Thought more about it tonight as another sweep said their coffee break was greyed out too (at the 45-50 min mark).

Sweeps need a break too ! :sweat_smile:

IIRC Coffee Break isn’t available during the last 15 minutes of a group ride