Coffee stop weirdness

First time noticed this behaviour with coffee stop. I had started coffee stop to deal with something just as turned onto the main “straight” along watopia. Was fine until hit the area when all the riders were stopped on teh edge of the road. Coffee stop then decide to keep trying to stop me with these riders.

Shouldn’t it determine if a rider is stopped, ignores and just keeps going for the duration ?

I think with coffee stop you have to be close to another rider when you engage it and then your avatar goes along with them. Perhaps you weren’t close enough to anyone and coffee stop was hunting for a rider to lock onto.

Guess my point is, coffee stop should try to “lock onto” riders who are stationary on the road side. It should be a fix Zwift to consider implementing

Coffee stop has a lot of bugs. This one has happened to me half the time. I also can’t activate the coffee stop frequently, even though it should be enabled (I’m in a pack of riders, haven’t used a coffee stop yet, and am half way done with the course so way more than 5km away from the end).

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Like Adam, coffee stop only works intermittently for me. On group rides, mine is often greyed out even though it shouldn’t be (in the time/distance limits, haven’t yet used) and others on in the same event are using it.

I had this too. If you’re using the Companion App on your phone, try closing and reopening it. When I did that, it was as if everything updated and the CA coffee stop icon was no longer greyed out and I was able to take my break.

I also routinely see riders using a 3 minute coffee stop well before 30 minutes into an event. At say 18 minutes there isn’t supposed to be any coffee stop, long or short.

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What’s the story if you did a 15 minute warmup with a Robopacer and then hit the join event button? Or if event has late-join enabled and you join 15 minutes after it started? Or join the event pen 15 minutes before the start?

Definitely seen people in group rides who have coffee stop running almost from leaving the pen, which I thought wasn’t suppose to be allowed or bug fixed after the initial release to prevent that from happening

You get a 30 second coffee stop in the first 5 minutes.

Definitely seem people having it on longer than 30secs in the first 5mins and I’ve NEVER seen teh option for coffee stop in teh first 5mins popup for me