Coffe stop broken

Was riding with Bernie and a bunch of other riders. Coffee stop option popped up on the companion app, used it but did not work - tried twice. Bug or am I missing something?

The Coffee Stop feature is not available until May 10th.

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So then why did it pop up on the OP’s companion app, surely showing early is a bug in it self?

I don’t even think it’s an option on ZCA.

When I was trying it at the weekend I didn’t see an option on my Companion App.

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When you say that the coffee stop option appeared, what did you see exactly?


It is (will be) a ZCA option, maybe it popped up due to a server misconfiguration

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Noticed it on my companion app, and in blue bar in game. Tried it. As expected, it’s broken. My avatar stopped with more than a minute to go. So many more broken stuff in latest release…
Every single release comes with broken stuff and regression bugs. This trend really needs to stop.

Was your avatar still in the same group when it stopped?

I was near other riders. I was curious to see which one I would follow, none of course.

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I’ve been using Coffee Stop in-game for the last week without any difficulties - group rides only though.

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It worked for me for 30seconds in 1st 5mins of a ride today.