Coffee Stop was there... and now it's not

I have had the coffee stop button showing up on the companion app for a while. Yesterday was on a 100km group ride, really needed that button and it’s gone…I know it was enabled for others as I saw it in use. I have triple checked and yes, app is up to date. I uninstalled and reinstalled the app and still no coffee stop button. Anyone else?

That really sucks T. It showed on my rides last night, but I didn’t need it. Lol

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LOL thanks Doug hopefully it sorts itself out

I rode today and noticed that the button on the Companion App toolbar was off towards the right hand end, rather than towards the left hand end … sneaky!

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Thanks David. I had no coffee stop on either end lol. the case of the missing button… hahaha

On Sunday, I got to use coffee break… for 30 seconds. I was 40 minutes into the ride, and then couldn’t use coffee break- the countdown was frozen at 29:59 until the group ride ended ( 1.5 hours long)

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