Regarding Meetups

As our clubs ‘virtual ride arranger’ I have yet to use Zwift for any club groups rides for two very simple reasons:

  1. Our club is 300ish members, I am not going to spam 300 people with a zwift invite ,because 1, that’s ridiculous, two, zwift only allows 100 people in a meetup, and 3, just creating the meetup would take hours because I would have to search for every club member and then invite them.

  2. Privacy. I don’t want hundreds of followers on ANY platform. I keep my social media presence to an absolute minimum.
    Zwift’s current implementation has complete disregard for personal privacy.
    Road Grand Tours does this in a far superior manner with an invite URL that I can then simply copy and paste to our strava club events page, discord, teams (and one of the other club members posts to F***book as I refuse to use it)

Please consider implementing Meetups in a manner that is easier to invite people across disparate platforms who may not follow (or want to follow) on Zwift and that takes into account privacy and ease of use.
It is far easier to create a group ride on RGT because I don’t have to sit there and invite every single person to the event, I just copy and paste a link.

At the moment the only way the club does a group ride on Zwift is to use an existing event and we just use our discord server for voice chat, which is a poor solution, hence most of our rides are done on RGT.

While I appreciate that this may not be what Meetups was intended for, this IS how its being used by clubs and groups of riders wanting a more ‘personal’ or ‘controlled’ group ride experience.

It looks like the forthcoming Clubs feature may address many of the constraints you highlight with current Meet Up feature.