Zwiftpower and club events

Not sure this forum can help but does zp show events private to a club? If so, one of mine is missing.

Zwift Power does not show club events. You can, however, add them using this link: ZwiftPower - Login


Good to know. I don’t have that data about the event. :person_shrugging: I’ll think about pinging the organizer.

I believe event ID is just the numbers part of the URL, and event secret in this case would be the entire URL

Oh. I’ll try that. Thx.

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You don’t need the secret part if it’s a club event just the event id but if it’s not your event I would suggest you contact the organisers to make them aware in case there is some reason they have not put it on zp.

Thx. I got it sorted. All good now.

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Hi. I appreciate the link. Is there a way to navigate to it from Zwift power site? I just came back to this thread to add another club ride and wondered if there was a more obvious path. Thx!

Not that I’ve seen. Easiest to bookmark for future use.