Group ride not showing on ZP

Created my first group ride yesterday and doesn’t show in the activities ZP, is there a minimum number of sign ups before it shows?
Any advise gratefully received. :slight_smile:

Hi Stewart - Not sure if it has a minimum but I’ll DM you a link to the Clubs Futureworks forums where a load of learnings are discussed which will keep you busy for a bit.

@Eddy_Lee or @shooj - can you move this to the Futureworks Clubs category.

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It’s moved to the Clubs board.

We’ll need ZP expertise on this one too. When @James_Zwift returns to duty will ask if he can look into that end of it.

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Club events will not automatically be pulled into ZP. This is something we want to enable but currently don’t have a timeframe on when we can enable this.

For those looking to add private events into Zwiftpower, you can do so via this link: Zwift Power -Login

This is the case for all private events (which I would guess encompasses clubs, but Eddy obviously has a plan!).

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Thanks for this James, really sorry as total newbie here, where would I find the event ID and event secret to add to the link you provided?

If you have any events that you’ve set up, I can have a look for you.

Normally for private events, the link includes an event secret part, which is obviously different in clubs.

Just need to watch if it’s something you want to keep private you don’t add to zp early as once on zp anyone can follow the link to join. I doubt many would but it’s possible.

you don’t need the secret part just the event ID (number ) from the event if you hit share the event it will copy the url for you which you can get the ID from.

I don’t think you can join a private event via Zwiftpower. You need the actual link, which Zwiftpower doesn’t give out.

I just checked one of the Inter Clubs ones that I set up and I wasn’t able to join it via ZP.

NB this is different to clubs in general so I’m probably taking this on a bit of a tangent that we don’t need.

yep tangent, clubs events don’t come with the secret part of the url just an event ID. so anyone is able to join once they know the number.

well actually anyone if it’s created as an anyone can join with url link. You can create them for club members only if that suits.


Many thanks all, very helpful.

I suspect the solution is to only add the event to Zwiftpower after it’s started.

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Has this been tested? What is the window of opportunity after the ride starts to get it added to zp for retroactive results to get picked up?

I setup an event yesterday and finished it. About 15 min after I was done I found the code by navigating to the finished event in the companion app and sharing the link. I then added the number in the link to zwiftpower. The event took a few minutes to appear on my profile and there was no live data, but the blue check mark and the power data appeared a few hours later as you would expect.