Ability to invite friends to a private group ride

(Alan Hamilton - MRC) #1

My clubmates are very anxious for the non-beta release of Zwift so we can ride together (and talk trash to each other) on those cold and snowy days when outdoor riding is not possible. Are you planning an having the ability to have one user invite specific users to a group ride that would not be visible to the general user base?

(Eric C. (Zwift HQ)) #2

Hi Alan,

We are definitely working towards a more targeted social experience that allows for Friends vs. General. We’ll be mentioning more details as we hammer them out!

(Alan Hamilton - MRC) #3

Great. Looking forward to hearing more.

(David Kindler) #4

+1.   any update on plans for private club riding!   

(Jonas Klinge) #5

Also very interested in this!

(David Kindler) #6

Could we get another “official comment” from Zwift on this topic.   On the East Coast we are now indoors for winter much of the time.   There are LOTS of clubs that do regular outdoor rides in good weather.   Ability for clubs to remain together in a virtual environment to see the winter through is a HUGE opportunity for Zwift…  I’m just reiterating because you guys live in San Diego, and might not place the same value on this feature as we do in the East.  

I can think of two ways to do this… you could allow users to hide riders and reduce the group that way (this could have other benefits since the mass of riders is so big its hard to track people).

You could allow a sort by rider attribute… i.e.  charge a team $100 for a custom jersey and members with that jersey only show up…  sorting on an attribute might be easier for Zwift to implement in software since all the riders would be present, but only your teammates would be visible…


Or, you could actually create a system for creating unique groups…but this likely involves more programming, and upkeep.   I think its better to just make a tweak to the environment…you’re close already with the phantom riders…  user selectablity of who shows up would do the trick.


thanks for listening!