Local groups?

Like most riders, I belong to a local club (Buffalo Triathlon Club). A very important feature for me is to be able to organize an exclusive competition among members of this group. Will it be possible to do this with Zwift?

Hi Gary,

When you say “exclusive,” do you mean that no one else should be able to ride on that track during that time?

Others on the track would be okay but the leaderboard would consist of only the local group.

I’m wondering if that could work with just having a regular group ride. Perhaps a “favorite group” that saves all the people you want in it (with an administrator who can add/remove riders).

An interesting idea!

Sure, all we would want is to be able to get together (virtually) and ride with each other without the “clutter” of everyone else being around. If we pass or get passed by riders not in our group, that’s not a spoiler so long as that’s all we see of them. Ideally, we would like to be the only ones on the road, but we are from Buffalo - the city of good neighbors. :wink:

Great idea, my coach and I were talking and he was thinking we could do virtual rides to chat instead of a weekly phone call etc… or like I could pop on the trainer and we can have a private ride and chat while I’m doing an interval session and he could see my data (like what I mentioned in the other thread I made).

Private doesn’t necessarily mean just us on the road, but whoever is in the group is all you can chat with. And global chat / etc… may not be the best for everyone and should be an opt-in type of deal. Like… I have an open group flag of sorts, that means anyone who wants to join me in my ride is free to do so and we can shoot the breeze, invite only where only people who are part of the group can invite others, closed off so i can ride solo, etc…

And the ability to block the voice of those folks that just get on your last nerve :slight_smile:

Oh…so you Buffalo guys want to be stand-offish and cliquish, eh???



I really enjoy the large group rides in zwift, but I think there is a need for smaller private group rides. 

I am a member of a local youth cycling club that has around 50 members. Half a dozen of us ride every weekend and it would be great if I could organize rides with them on zwift. It will be like a social ride but on a very small scale and not advertised as an open group ride. 

The other day I rode with two of my friends from the cycling club on Watopia and it was very hard keeping track of each other, we kept shooting past each other without knowing as there were more than 2500 other riders at that time with very similar jerseys.

The solution can be:

  1. Ability to make a friends group and organize a ride for them at a specific time and date. 

  2. Select a leader. He/she should have the identifying beacon so all others in the group can see. It will also help keep the group together. 

  3. Other riders can join any time during the ride if they are in the group.

  4.  Ability to teleport to the ride leader if someone joined late. 

Thanks. This will be immensely useful. Please vote up guys.