(Test Runner) #1

(Simon Oxenham [VC10]) #2

Something similar to the ‘Create a Group Event’ on Strava?

Casual (No Drop)

These options could be added to a ‘Join Group’ alongside the ‘Join Rider’

(Duane Gran [Vision]) #3

I think it would make sense for Zwift to create a survey asking beta testers what they would expect to see with a group ride organizing tool in Zwift. The drafting experience likely needs to be improved a bit first, as it is somewhat challenging to ride as a group even with the best of intents.

(Simon Oxenham [VC10]) #4

I think that over complicates it a bit Dickson?

Joining specific group rides and/or events is different > what I’m proposing relates to general riding.

Three pace bands (based on watts/KG?) > ‘Join a Group’ would drop you into a group riding in that pace band. The course is a loop therefore if you drop off the back of a group there will always be riders to ride with or tow you back.

I think for this to work there needs to be a ‘pace band’ icon added next to the riders name.

Long term I would like these icons to also make a distinction between riding in ‘Free Ride/Open Group Ride’ ‘Arcade’ ‘Training’ and ‘Club/Closed Group Ride’ modes.

This would avoid me having to use the Group Text to apologise for my erratic riding whilst doing intervals :slight_smile:

(Ryan Kennedy) #5

Supreme Rider +PuG, looking for KOM 10% Grade only

(David Stokes BHVS) #6

I’m fairly new here, but I think a hands-off approach to group rides make a lot of sense in this early phase of Zwift. This reminds me of a university that allowed students to walk across the grounds for a while before it decided where to pave the footpaths. Let the system evolve organically and don’t try to impose a structure from the get-go.

I would be interested in sometimes joining a group, but would like to feel free to come and go. A no-drop policy seems unnecessary on a 5 km course. I think more relevant is establishing a pace for the group and finding a way to communicate acceptable changes in pace. The dynamics of a group ride make it interesting, but I could imagine trolls getting on-line with the sole purpose of blowing up group rides. This even happens in real life!

It might be helpful to display a map of the course showing location of groups with annotations of their average W/kg and let the user decide which one to join. If the first one didn’t work out, then you could choose another one.