Zwift Race gating feature

I was wondering if there are any plans for Zwift to create a dedicated “race” or “group ride” feature.  Right now, everyone just agrees to wait at the start line for the ride/race to start and we roll out together.  

Other cycling apps like tour de giro have the ability for you to wait in a queue for a race to start where you can warm up and there is a countdown before the race begins.  Once the race begins everyone starts at the same time and position and say if the race is 4 laps of zwift island, once you’ve completed the 4 laps it’ll show how to ranked with people who signed up for the race as well.


If Zwift could implement a feature similar to this, it’d be hands down the best cycling app in history.

There are indeed plans for this.  Frankly we’re impressed with how the community has been able to organize group rides on their own, we’ll be throwing you guys a bone soon.   This first features for this are coming this fall and will evolve from there.


Can’t wait! \o/ :smiley:

This would be awesome. Just did my first Zwift group ride today and the UX wasn’t too great. Race/group ride mode would save the day. Also, it would be nice if you could hide all riders who aren’t participating in the group ride for the duration of the ride. And it would remove the need to manually adjust your name before each group ride.

I’ve been riding in the WSR for a while and it’s been getting so crowded (40+ riders) that the Ride Leader (and Ride Sweep) are off the Leaderboard even though they’re only 5 bike lengths away at times! Can you give those guys an overhead visual indicator (think rotating diamond!) so we can eyeball the group leaders.  It’s helps the rides stay together the way they are intended (NOT a race)


I think a particularly neat way to do this would be to have a “parking lot” where you wait while riding on a virtual trainer for your race to start.  Apart from being a nice little nod to how people warm up for real-world races, I like the idea of riding a simulated trainer in a game while I am riding a trainer in the real world.