Group Rides and Races

I don’t know if this is the best place to put suggestions but I tried to join a race last night and couldn’t get to the start in time. I am probably doing something wrong or missing something obvious but I thought it would be great if people could create an event with rider ability set. You then join the event (Zwift can verify you meet the criteria) and when you join, you just get dropped in the middle of the bunch before they start.


If this already exists, could someone point me in the right direction?




ps. I think zwift is awesome.

You can join a specific rider. So look for the group leader, or another rider with a designated tag for the race in question. And join in on that rider’s position. Rather than simply pressing just ride.

This way you’re at least packed in with the bunch. It’s not ideal. And if joining in late, on an already running race you’ll be dropping in standing still so still needing to catch up rather than having a rolling start.

But it’ll at least make things a little easier for now.

You would think that having a lobby for group rides and races so people can all start up and the rules of that ride can be configured would be included but unfortunately not.

One day, Philip. Patience.