Race rankings

I just wanted to confirm what I think is the case with race starts. Do you not get classified if you start the event late?

Today I had to join my event a couple of minutes late and when I did Zwift said “Finding riders” before it sling shot me to a group of riders. I started at ~490th and slowly climbed to 189th. My result shows me as 479th and my time is not showing. The time that I recorded in my activity agrees well with what would have been ~170th position.

Can someone kind enough confirm/explain?


I assume you are referring to a group ride since races does not have a Late join option.

It sound about right to me, if you started late and got slingshot to the middle of the ride then you did not actually ride the whole distance so you saved a lot of energy.

Yes, it was part of the Tour de Zwift. I don’t think I was slingshot to the middle of the ride (only a couple of minutes late starting) but makes sense. Still pretty pleased with making up so many places so all good!

Thanks for the reply Gerrie

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These zwift “rides” is a lot of fun. They call it a ride but it does feel like a race. Yes you came up a lot of positions.

Be on time for the next one and stay with the front of the group.

quick tip: warm up in Zwift about 10-15 min before the event start and get into the pen early.

Only done a couple of the “rides” but like you say they do feel a lot like a race. Loved chasing the next pack and then the next and the next. Loved it!

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