Race or ride entry

(. KeithD [WKG](c) Final Front EAR) #1

If a race or ride organizer sets up a race. he names it and in a separate field to join another rider you can join a race or ride.  The leader board should then show those riders in that race, So if I set a race and call it TTS there should be a field so I can fill this in. Anyone Wanting to take part enters TTS in that field and the then only see the riders on the left hand board who are in the ride/race.

Zwift has grown. I know its social but there are now too many riders and we need things in place so we can see less. Its hard to keep track of my wife in a group and she is in the same room.

(Chris James (Mapperley CC)) #2

Totally agree, makes sense to have some strutctures in place to organise events etc

(. STEVE ZSUN.) #3

Yes agree or would it not be possible to have separate servers for group rides and races only and also would it not reduce the problems with there being so many riders on at one time.

(Andy Langdown BSRT) #4

I agree. But I also like the thought of not being able to keep in contact with my wife even if she’s in the same room. Not that I’d ever get her on a turbo…

(Rik Ponne) #5

Makes sense. Should work like a filter during a ride/race, but also provide results after the race/ride showing only the participants of this event.

(. FelinMal - ZHR (A)) #6

Yes this would be  a good idea as  you would have regular update as to your position in the race.

(Matt Robinson Westbury Wheelers) #7

Would also be great to be able to control and organise rides/races within the game.


I know there are websites and FB groups for this, but honestly between Zwift riders and a couple of other groups I’m in, my FB feed is so full I struggle to find things.


Oh and we completely need another field in the settings to enter group info.  Having to change your name to indicate a group is just wierd.