Leading a "race"

Just a bit of feedback after having lead the neutral for a race for the first time.

  1. The riders nearby list appears to be a bit broken, I had riders that were in front of me appearing behind me (with the consequence of me screwing up the start of a bunch of people as I was slowing down to allow my co-lead to catch up when he was in fact in front of me) this behavior was inconsistent but I did notice it a few times during the ride as well (seeing names I recognised behind me and then later on they were significantly in front but I didn’t see them pass)

  2. It is a complete nightmare trying to organise the start, even when most of the riders where in the darkest jersey we could find and the leaders where in white it was really hard to spot them (the leaders) especially with the riders nearby list being overwhelmed.

Please can we have some sort of temporary help here, I know we (those who want to race) probably make up less than 10% of your user base but this is really starting to sour Zwift for me, I haven’t had a clean start in a couple of months now and what used to be good fun is just frustrating. 

I know you have heard them all before but if we could have a glowing jersey or we enter a promo code for and we get one of those discs above your head for the duration of the ride or click a ride leaders name on the RHS of the screen to make it stick in the list or to be able to filter the list based on a string in the username. All of these (or one of these!) things would just make things so much easier. I am sure you can probably think of even better band aids to this than I can!

I appreciate your busy but I am sure a temporary measure would just make life so much easier for us before you get round to rolling out your group ride module.

Many thanks,


Not an official response but my advice would be to ditch the rolling starts.  They just cause so much trouble with people trying to catch the leader who’s actually behind them, people not realizing the roll out has started etc etc and the only reason it has become the norm on zwift is because race starts in real life start like that.

Just designate a point as the start line, a start time, a race jersey and someone to shout go and 99% of your issues will vanish.

Our PZR races dont have a neutral start, everyone just gathers at the Start/Finish banner and at a designated time there is a count down … but riders also just look for the others around them to start riding.

Those who need to “wake up” their ANT devices can just be 50m back and get rolling as the time approaches.

Everyone pretty much has synch’d phones/computers now so it isnt hard to get"the time" to within seconds at the start.


The starts for PZR are such low stress … no one yelling at “slow down” etc … everyone just rides.

You guys were pretty much bang on the money, your suggestions have been implemented in the Thursday night Road Race and we had pretty much zero start complaints, many thanks for your help.

I’m new.  I’ve heard you can ‘register’ with a group ride/race through the Facebook ‘Groups’ page.  Is that correct?  And is that where the instructions are set, jersey color, ABC groups, start time, etc.?

Thanks in advance…

Na, not “register” in the sense of how you would in a real race.
The races are “listed” at either the facebook group:

or mainly in the Teamup calendar:


and the details for each ride/race will be included.  In the main you dont need to do anything except turn up, unless its a handicap race etc which will require some form of registration.  The race details will state how the start will work, what groups there will be and what in race instructions are to be followed etc.

We use http://www.zwiftnation.com/Race to calculate the race results, and that is made easier by registering (bit again not necessary).