How to meet up for group rides

I noticed that group rides have a designated starting point (starting line banner, etc.). How do you get there after you log in?

I also have this question. There are a number of races that might be interesting on ZWIFT. There is one called “Monday Night Races”, for example where you are supposed to ride to some point (the start). (Setting aside the issue of "what point is it) assuming that I knew where to go, how do I go there? ZWIFT has no Stop, Pause, etc. All I can do is to drift to zero velocity. 

Is there something in the interface that I don’t understand? This is kind of like a car without brakes - you think ‘surely they didn’t design it that way’. 



Just ease up to the start/finish slowly and lay off the power, you will coast to a stop.

The quickest way - without riding there from the default starting position - would be to join someone that you know is at the right location. Ride leader, or someone with the rides handle in their name.

Would be nice if you could search the names list though…

The 'Join" option is probably the best path. I (vaguely) recall that showing up when you start and it is something that I had not paid attention to thus far.



I decided not to do the race today, but I had some time around the start time so I thought that I would try to just pedal up to the start and see what happens. 

I have a spinner bike with Garmin Vector pedals and occasionally (one time per ride for 1 or 2 seconds only) I will get a power spike of somewhere between 800 and 1500 watts. It isn’t long enough to affect things much so I don’t typically think about it. 

Well when pedaling up to the start (Richmond Course which I have only ridden twice) I got a power spike. But this one (have NEVER seen this before) lasted at least 5 seconds (might have been longer) and was almost 3000 watts. I ended up going 35 mph and I just blew by the start :slight_smile:


This article posted by Skye Nott might be exactly what you’re looking for: 

How to organize a Zwift group ride or race