Social rides - where do they start?

I tried to join a social ride today but couldn’t find them?  I joined at the right time but is there some meet-up spot on th island somewhere?  I guess when the game started I expected to see a button or something that said join social ride? Any tips anyone can share?

The WSR starts before the start/finish line.   Just log in and wait until everyone starts.  :) 

Where to read announcements, and races schedule?


Also Strava groups, e.g.

Newbie Question: I looked at Facebook and Strava and I can see some rides scheduled for e.g. a weekly basis. That’s fine, but what if I want to ride with company for my daily workout? lists most rides. Just pick one that fits in your timezone.

If there isn’t one that someone else has organised, then it’s up to you to arrange something, or ask other people on the course if they want to ride together.