Entering group rides without facebook?

(Shandy Matt) #1

Hi. Just joined Zwift and don’t know how to join community rides without having to join facebook?Don’t suppose there’s an idiots guide?

(🚁💨 EL CHOPPA) #2

You don’t need FaceBook at all, I don’t have it and never had an issue joining a race.
When you log into Zwift, look at the right column when the settings screen is up, there will be a list of the group rides, click to join which one you’d like.
You can also use the Zwift app to join a race/ride, look under the events button on the main screen, scroll through the events to see the time (you can scroll days ahead even), click the ride you’d like to join, then click the large “+” icon to join; when you log into Zwift after doing this, it will be aware you are joining this group and prompt you to join when within 30mins of start time.

(Bastiaan Gaillard [HIK - C]) #3

Hi Shandy,

There is a lot of information available on the support site of Zwift:


Most of this information already explained by the post above.

(... david (aka "setuid")) #4

You can join a Zwift ride event either via ZML (Zwift Mobile Link) installed on your mobile device, or by signing into Zwift via the website and going to https://www.zwift.com/events and choosing the event you wish to ride.

You don’t need Faebook at all for any of this. The Zwift-related groups on Facebook are for general discussion, collaboration, ranting and other aspects of the social community around Zwift, but are not required to just get on and ride or join scheduled events.

Good luck!