Races organised by Zwift themselves

At present all races are community generated via Facebook. I’m not on facebook so thats a problem straight away.

They all require you to amend your name to identify you, be at the start line at the right time, choose the correct course route etc etc. Its all a bit too faffy.

If Zwift had set races themselves that you could join which did all that for you it would certainly encourage me people to join a race imo

Hi David, 

Most Zwift rides including the details can be found HERE, you don’t need to be on facebook to access this page, it’s unofficial as you pointed out, however we do have some interesting ideas we’re working on so please be patient, stay tuned and Ride On! 

I clicked on on the “HERE” option

it sends me to a race calendar but how can I join one of those

Races? without selling my soul to Facebook .

Read the race/ride information on the zwiftcalendar. You see start times, distance, route, etc.
Usually it is meet up at the start banner 10 minutes before the start. You will need to edit your Zwift name to include the rides ID name. For example, when I organize races I use my name P.Ozier HPC (B). Name, Ride ID is HPC and (B) B is my category. So you would add HPC (B) after your last name in your zwift account.

I also registered my name/account at zwiftnation.com You can look there for race results. 

Here is a page with a zwillion articles, links, etc. http://www.zwiftriders.com/

Also - with facebook, you can make up a name and set things to private. I don’t use my real name on there.