Private Race Setup - Repost

Wanted to repost this idea as I still feel this is something that is missing from Zwift. I know a lot of people want to sign up for races but maybe we want to setup our own private race. This would be a separate option than a Free Ride or workout. This option would allow users to create their own private race and request users to join via a link/password. They would join the private race the same way they would join an event. Only they would need to provide either a password to join or use a separate link to join. You can also add a filter to the events screen for private races so that the events screen doesn’t get over populated. I know my cycling club and studio would love to have this option to organize our own races for club championships and use it as a recruiting tool as well. Zwift would benefit as each individual user would need to sign up for Zwift to join.

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