Feature request on behalf of race organisers - link to specific pen on sign-up

FAO: @xflintx @Mark_Cote

There are many event organisers that manage their events privately (not on the public race calendar). This has expanded even more with club events. Many of these events use different sorting logic for pens, that the rider needs to be familiar with. Examples include:

  • FRR chilli classes
  • split category races like TFC Mad Mondays
  • Age group races
  • ZwiftRacing.app ranking races

If we had the ability to force riders in to specific pens, rather than just give them the link to the event, this would hugely increase the amount of innovation possible in creating interesting race formats - as the logic can be defined by the organisers themselves (WTRL are already doing this with ZRL).

I don’t know how easy it is to open up the WTRL access to more organisers. If that is not simple, my suggestion for a possible solution would be to create unique links, accessible to organisers on the ‘manage my events’ page, which when followed, go to the event page with only the available pen accessible for sign up.

This could simply be the usual event link, with some code appended to specify the pen restriction.

The purpose of this post is to detail the request but also to see how much demand there is from other organisers - so race organisers, please add your support if you feel this would be beneficial and explain your own use case.



This would be a huge improvement for event organisation.


That would be great. I’d love to use such systems to try expand racing series and streamline the time required to manage events.

The biggest blocker to more adoption of racing is the lack of tools available to organisers. We’ve seen with the likes of the zrl and zracing series there are plenty of racers out there but getting them to transition to the best community organised series is hard with the extra steps required to signup and get results.

The option to create a private event might be a temporary workaround which we could create an event per category. This does make ZP a bit messy but would work.

Do WTRL have access to create private events as i know they can create new TTT zones just unsure if this is a manual request every week to zwift or if they have more access than the rest of us,


Great suggestion and would be a super useful toolkit. Thanks @gloscherrybomb


This Would be an amazing add on to all event organizer in order to diversify and extend the possiiblity and create a variety of events.

As Event organizer the necessity to have a new event tool is absolutely important and hoping the Zwift Dev Team across with the Event team will be able to deliver it (At least for some tests events and work) for this winter season would be an amazing add-on.

Thanks @gloscherrybomb for publishing this feature request - defintely support this request!


Great idea +1 from me. Would open up a world of opportunities for organisers rather than the current rigid option.

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easier to get blood from a stone I would imagine

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