Calling all race organisers! Introducing the Race Organiser Dashboard

The latest functionality is here - the Race Organiser Dashboard.

What is it?
The race organiser dashboard allows for an organiser to set up a race, and define the race pens based on a number of different metrics (including but not limited to rank). In its first MVP state, you set a sign-up deadline. After the sign up deadline, you can place riders in to the appropriate pens. Details below. When the race is finalised, riders get access to the Zwift event to join the pen.

What isn’t it?
It’s currently an MVP release, so coming soon:

  • It currently supports matchmaking, but soon the ability to auto-assign riders based on pre-determined logic will be added, so that riders get immediate access to the pen. Pros and cons to both approaches, so both will be available.
  • the ability to sort riders by some additional metrics (such as CS)
  • email notifications when the pen is available to join
  • it is not pen enforcement - we require one race per ‘pen’ as we do not have the WTRL style pen lock in place. This will be supported in the future if Zwift add the functionality.

What are the pre-requisites?

  • You must have race organiser privileges in Zwift Power
  • You must be able to create Club events, or get Zwift to set up private races for you
  • You must have race organiser access in ZR, which can be requested in the discord (link on front page of

Full guide:
To add a race, select the dashboard from the menu and click add race. You can also edit existing races here.

Fill in all of the race details. Be sure to explain how the pens will be split in the description.

Once the race is set up, you cans share the link so riders can sign up. You can also view who has signed up so far, and add pens. Every pen requires a unique Zwift event ID.

To assign riders to pens, sort the table based on your chosen metric by clicking the table header. In this example we have sorted the table by rank, highest to lower. Simply select the riders you want to add to a pen and click ‘assign selected’.

When the deadline is over, select finalise race. The race will then be open to join for all riders who signed up.

The ZR events page available in the menu shows events that are available for sign up, or will provide you with the Zwift link if the race is finalised.

Be sure to add the event to ZwiftPower if it is a Clubs event.


looks cool. my condolences to your cat


I’ve set up another Socks4Watts Mystery Matchmaking Race. It’s a crit on Sunday. Sign up here:


Does the signup feature require Strava? I didn’t see a way to sign up, but I don’t use Strava so not logged in to the site.

Yes for now. Hopefully will offer other other options (Google, facebook etc)

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N.B. You can now also add an email address to your profile. If you do, in the future you will be notified when a race is finalised and receive a link to the pen.

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  1. Could you please indicate which time zone the event is listed for?
    (e.g., is it listed using UK time or is it my local time CET? can I set my local time or does it happen automatically?)

  2. How does it handle points races? Is the ranking based on the recorded time (like the zwiftpower ranking) or is it based on the results after handing out the points? I suspect the latter, and if so then that’s great… :+1:

  1. Automatically shows your local time

  2. After the points, IF the race is properly configured in Zwift Power.

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So for the ZRL races it might not work properly (the zwiftpower results are based on finish time only). Looks like the TTTs aren’t included, and that’s how it should be :slight_smile:

The points race “TT1 Diabetestouren // Race 1 // Hill Climb” Zwiftpower/Zwiftrankings has been handled in some mixed way, partly time based and partly points based (at least in cat B). Wonder why… It looks OK in zwiftpower.

It could be if the race points / order was sorted a long time after the race finished. For now, ZR only polls the results once (about every 30m). It wouldn’t be possible to take later results in to account, because then all subsequent rank changes would need to be recalculated. Ideally the race needs to be configured properly upfront in Zwift Power.

Could that be easily changed to, say, the next day? That way, any late DQ’s would still be taken into account when the ZR points are calculated?

Race 1 was configured correctly. Was a hill climb so points based only.
It was reprocessed, initially configured for HR exclusion, and changed to allow them in.

Race 2 was time based and left alone to process. Race 3 was points based on a sprint segment, but usefully ZP has the two segments labelled “Sprint” and “Sprint 2”, and I got the wrong one, so it was edited and reprocessed after the fact. Mea Culpa on that one.

I am having a problem where ZwiftPower is randomly resetting “points based wkg enforced” events to “wkg enforced” events itself, multiple times I have to go in and change it before an event. Having to check it moments before the start is not ideal.

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Yeah it’s a PITA.

I made some changes to a hill climb quite a long time afterwards, and it still seemed to pull through correctly. Conjecture is that it could be due to using the finalise results trigger in ZP.


This is normally that the event is being picked up as a “series” that has those default rules. It took me a while to figure this out.

Possibly, the events are part of a league, but there doesn’t seem to be any options for setting that in the league edit page. I suspect you are correct though

Not league, series. Next menu over.

No, I get that, the events I was talking about are part of a league.

What I now understand and didn’t until now (thanks btw) is that the league is a subset of a series which also has settings.


3 hours left to sign up for tomorrow’s Ranking-based matchmaking crit

Race finalized. You can join the pen here: ZwiftRacing Events

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Another Race/Series using
Sign Up for January Edition Stage 1 of 5 is ready on ZwiftRacing Events.