Eventmodule - Portal for setting up race/grouprides

(Martin Bjorgvik Sz) #1

This function would unload a lot of work of Zwift staff and would make it verry easy for race/groupride organizers to change or fix last minute changes to an event without having to contact the Zwift staff.

This function should only be availible only for “wellknown” race organizers or approved ones. Not for public use. 

(Christian Wiedmann [X] 50) #2

Maybe away to avoid contention, the ride leaders could be assigned time slots and just be responsible for filling in the details. That way Zwift hq can assign recurring slots once without having to worry about adjusting the details every week while avoiding overlapping events.

(Glen Knight #W4R) #3

What Christian has suggested is exactly what I’ve suggested to ZwiftHQ.

Zwift still control the scheduling and allocate slots to organisers. The organiser then come test the race detail.

This avoids conflict, maintains zwift control and provides event organisers with flexibility along with reducing the workload for ZwiftHQ.

It also means when an organiser is looking ahead they can see a.slot has been allocated.

(D. Owen [KRT] #W4R) #4

I totally agree Glen.  What could be a really simple task is made, for some unknown reason, far too difficult and with the occasional error.  In fact, no ride leader is really needed - just a The Stig, like the Kiss Bot - a bot that rides at a set pace.  (S)he does not speak and rumour has it that (s)he eats titanium bolts for breakfast.  Let’s face it, we don’t get any benefit for leading rides.  We get (well, I do) hassle from our families and it could be much easier.  Bring on the bots.


(Niall Pedlow) #5

You could expand this idea a little to make it a “event request form”, where someone fills out all the detail for an event they wish to have, and then the workflow from there moves to Zwift staff (or some super admin) to approve, check against calendars etc.


(Ronny Melvoll [Polarbears]) #6

I do not agreed that this module should only be for the biggest race/group leaders. There are lots of small clubs/teams/friends that want to use this event module for making the group ride a bit more social with this event module. Lets make the module for everyone.