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Last year I spoke to Zwift Events with regards to the mistakes, slow reactions and sometimes the compete exclusion of a organised event. I understand at the time there was manning/resource issues and that zwift events just couldn’t cope with the demand. I also understand that this was not just me that was experiencing this but many team organisers

I did suggest an alternative to the current process which would obviously give better control to organisers and would give us the tools to fine tune events immediately rather than the constant back and forward of emails that may or may not be picked up at the time or on time.

This is not a criticism of the individuals handling the requests but that of the current system in general. I was informed after a few emails that ZHQ were going to BETA Test a new format whereby the above could be facilitated. Basically a form similar to a Google form where organisers could select all the items required: Course, bike, powerups, kit (you get the idea)

Did this project ever get of the ground? if not why not? is it coming? who will have access? and how will ZHQ decide what teams/organisers get the tools to do the job.

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I may have heard Next year. The take home from this is that zwift definitely are working on something, what shape it will be is anyone’s guess, but I’m sure it will be an eloquent solution.

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This seemed to be gaining momentum at the end of last year but all has gone quiet again unfortunately and we have had no further updates on its potential appearance as yet. I think there are more complex technical issues than we realise to allow community controlled entry and I can see how Zwift want to get this right at they cannot afford to break the events module altogether. An update would be really appreciated though.

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I think that has always been an issue with Zwift the clarity of information has never really been that good. One bold statement makes such a difference rather than the usual coming soon, stay tuned and watch this space.

If they were to tell me that it is 1 year away then I would be happy, same as if they told me it was not happening then at least you then know.

Its like the team kit for in game, they put a hold on it last year due to resources and have never really updated their stance apart from some teams that still get knew kit or additional kit. I understand that there will be sponsors and reasons for doing this and thats why we have always asked for a clear and defined process for teams to earn kit. The answer has always been apart form resources, that there is no actual process, neither is favouritism as factor, nor size of team. Actually a long time ago the process was driven by how teams or groups served the community in the regularity of group rides (not races) over a period of time.

Anyway I diversify from the issue, It will be good to at least have an update from an official member of Zwift. Vincent on here is supposedly the custodian of the forum but I very rarely see him comment or reply (maybe wrong.