TTT Launch Pad / Events

No sure if this is the correct place for a request, but would it be possible to get some Team Time Trial events in the Zwift Calendar like the iTT ones.

Also would it be possible to get a Launch pad style release like the iTT events have but based on a team of riders and not just 1.

Thanks in advanced… ride on

I definitly want that too!

There are so many people involved in TTT nowadays that it would be awsome to provide some support to this kind of competition!

Hope Zwift does this soon!

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I really hope zwift have been working on in although doubtful.

It would be great to have TTT launch pad with just own team drafting through out the race.

Does not seem like a massively complex ask other than managing how the team signup is done.


This is something we’re currently looking into.



Can you share anything else with us @JamesBailey ?

I genuinely don’t have that much to share - we are looking at it, but it’s unlikely to be a quick solution.


Brilliant i know this would help many users and create more team base events for the communities :+1:t3:

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But is it something you’ve been looking into for a long time and can’t find a viable solution, or it’s something you started approaching recently and still need work?

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Something we’ve been approaching relatively recently and needs a lot of work to implement.


Thankx for the info! I’m pretty sure it’s going to be much appreciated by the TTT community!

Great news. Any chance a TTT event mode could include having drafting enabled on TT bikes? Its a shame they’re rarely used.


Totally agree with the draft thing!

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Yes. With the TTT ‘s for ZRL and what has to be the most popular event on Zwift - the WTRL Thursday - I think Zwift needs to address this sooner rather than later. The randomness of starting our own timer seems a little archaic.


It would be great to have live standings too :grin:


While a TTT “launch pad” would be incredible instead of having to give a 30 second warning on discord for everyone to stop pedaling or enter the pairing screen, having someone else monitor your start delay, then hoping everyone gets out of the pen at your actual start would be amazing, I did my first TT in a long time the other day. I was launched at about a 15% angle to the left and stayed at that odd angle until nearly the official start line. Once rolling it was great but it’s still got some work to go.

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Now now, please don’t ask too much!

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