Time Trials and Team Time Trials

(Wayne Renshaw Bccc (C)Zzrc) #1

Hi would everyone want to see Time Trials and Team Time Trials on a A To B with no loops … so straight out to the finish , where you then get your stats and where you come on a leader board … like time trials on the Innsbruck TT course, and as for teams … 4 man team time trial and 6 and 8 man team time trial… I’ve mentioned this on Facebook and everyone seemed very interested in my thoughts, so I got in touch with Zwift support, and they said post my thoughts here, as they’ve said the more interest they get they’ll see it … and hopefully do something… perfect timing now it’s winter …

(Gary Birch [X]) #2

I’m interested

(David Jones) #3

I’m interested, but don’t have any cycling friends.

Maybe Zwift could add a feature where it puts together a team of riders based on FTP, kind of like how FIFA soccer searches for someone to play against?

(Wayne Renshaw Bccc (C)Zzrc) #4

Well hopefully they may suggest this to the teams that organise events already , and hopefully Zwift will setup a program to allow team time trials … would be cool … :+1::wink:

(Wayne Renshaw Bccc (C)Zzrc) #5

:+1::wink: Zwift did say by posting it here, if they see interests , they we will look into it …

(Johnathan Freter [DRAFT]) #6

If Computrainer can figure this out, I’m sure Zwift can too. I love the idea.

(Graham Irvine (London Phoenix CC)) #7

TT is not hard to implement , you just switch off drafting mode , in fact cant you do that anyway for races so other than badging it as a TT its already available isn’t it ) . Team TT feature on the other hand is super cool and would be awesome fun and great training mode too …

(steve bourgeault) #8

isnt zwift world filled with potential new friends? I support the idea. I would really like to try it myself.

(David Jones) #9

I’m anti sociable