Team Time Trial

I have two suggestions for improving Team Time Trials, one of which I don’t think would work till clubs are implemented. But, it would be nice to use a similar TT interface as the current ITT one for teams.

The second, is it would be nice to be able to draft on TT bikes, but only if race organizers allow it, and maintaining the current setup in the general Zwift world. This would more closely match time trials in the grand tours. If there was even some way to have a set rotation, that would be neat but probably more trouble than it is worth.

The WTRL TTTs are increasingly popular, to the extent that it is incredibly complex and time consuming for the organisers to manage.

It would be great if TTTs were a zwift standard format. This would work really well if the following 3 things were implemented:

  • Set teams off at intervals like individual time trials
  • limit drafting to own team only
  • Allow TT bikes with draft enabled
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The WTRL TTT is superb fun but the starts are a complete nightmare. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE update the conveyor belt system used for ITT so that it can be used for TTT events.


O yes the WTRL TTT is very popular.