Team TT "module" in Zwift/Companion

With several friends I’ve participated in the WTRL TTT events. And it super fun and inspiring. However, I see there is a lot of pre and post effort by the WTRL team to set up starttimes, post-calculate results and check rides. Also for the “Team captains” organising each team there is some extra effort to ensure correct team tag on zwiftpower profiles of all riders, ensure all riders are present at zwiftpower etc etc. Hence a more tailor made setup directly in Zwift/Companion would be a dream. One could have a system where captains enter at team for an event and received a rider sign-on code etc, which could be forwarded to the team of the captain so riders could enroll. And when the team is full, its full. Such a setup could also generate interval start times and preferably have countdown to start in zwift GUI as opposed to manual stop watch timing from event start in zwift now untill teams defined start time interval. Would grow the TTT participation further, which even now at the rather manual setup is quite large. This week I read 118 teams and 775 riders participated summed up for all time zone events.

That is a very good summary @Kjell_Eirik_Henanger.

I must agree the WTRL TTT is an awesome event. It is at this point the most fun you can have in a Zwift racing senario, we don’t have to deal with fliers or people entering the incorrect starting pen.

These type of events is growing, and it will be nice if Zwift could create a TTT module. We have come a long way from the manual count down at the start line to organized races with starting pens, countdown timers and separate categories.


I enter 10+ teams on a weekly basis - so 60-80 odd zwifters.

A TTT module (that allows for non tt bikes and therefore drafting) would be a fantastic addition.


The Team Time Trials have grown fast and are lots of fun. The manual process can be a bit confusing and time consuming though. A TTT module in Zwift would be great!


Even if not going complete “Team Time Trial” module, recognizing teams opens an entire new area of racing. The success of the Team Time Trial shows there is a significant interest in team events.


If you want to find out more about what the WTRL Team Time Trial is head over to!
5 Team Trial Races every Thursday that forms one league only viewable on our website.
Not as confusing as people may make out but it all adds to the challenge!
Brand new Ladies Only team league starting this Thursday (31st Oct 2019)
Happy Halloween!


To be fair, it’s confusing as he!! when you first hear about it. But then you wonder what the fuss was about once you’ve done it.


I concur.

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