Full Support for TTT races

Currently there is no genuine support for Team Time Trial events. TTT racing. A manually applied delay is used. It would be good for this exciting format of racing to have genuine support.

  1. Team gates. Each team should have its own lane and should be able to peddle until their start time. At which point, their team clock should start running. This means all team riders see the SAME team clock. This is important as TTT teams use the seconds to time the change over.
  2. Team results panel. It would be good to have something like the sprint widget. It should show current teams split times and finish time. Ordered by fastest first. This would enable a team on the road and DC in the team car to see how the team is doing relative to the other teams in the race.
  3. It should be possible to set a team name and group the riders as a team. Else the above would not work anyway.

I think this is a reasonable request given the amount of free pubicity and streaming hours your getting off the back of the WTRL TTT events.

Also, no draft effect across different teams. (And maybe even drafting inside a team for TT bikes.)