More time trials / TTs - frequency and variety

There is not enough TTs on the schedule. Especially during the late evening hours in the Eastern time zone when the kids are in bed. For example, today and tomorrow there are none.

Whenever there’s some, they are almost always during the work day on a weekday, and almost always Tempus Fugit or Bologna.

This has been an ongoing issue. It would be nice if more events can be added and the time and courses of the existing events can be moved around or be on a rotation basis from week to week.

you got my vote


You can actually vote for feature request you support by clicking that “Vote” text up at the top by the title.


You can ride a time trial at any time, except Bologna, of course. Do you mean, you need an event to get you into proper race mentality? Most use Strava to record their course times. I’ve been riding all nine orange jersey courses (there’s one for each world). While I’m trying to beat my previous time trial times, I think it would make a great challenge. Maybe even do them all in one day like Sufferland’s Knighthood.

I think those who love a time trial are unfortunately a minority. But honestly, there seems to be so so many races. I’ll vote yes.

More time trials especially for bologna, Paris, and Crit City!

That’s a really good idea Zee. I am not a Strava user but i can still see the value in doing this. I used the Hilly Loop last night and now i have had a good baseline that i can race against repeatedly. No need to fit the Events schedule around mine it’s great.

Thanks I’m doing that reverse course later today.

The thought of exposing myself to that sort of pain without the stimulus of a formal event is incomprehensible.

I love the Tue Bologna time trials. I’ve done 3 of them now. And because they’re events they’re good for my ZwiftPower rating.

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Again this weekend, no TT for most of Saturday and all of Sunday?

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Agree with this and specifically can we have a TT as part of a future race series

It’s sad. There’s no TT during the evening hours on Friday and all weekend. Sam as every other week.

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