Neokyo TT Events

The Tempest fugit and the Bologna TT events are always popular and good fun! I haven’t seen any Neokyo TT events but it seems like a great place for one with some of the routes being nice and flat! Would be great to see one in the future.

Agreed, but I’d be happy with just some more TT events (anywhere, but I do like Bologna) that catered for all time-zones - community ones tend to be in peak rider timesfor Europe/US which don’t work out where I am.

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Herd Stampede has a TT series on Sunday/Monday (Sunday 1800, Monday 0800, 1805, 2150, Tuesday 0000 UTC) that uses a number of different routes and distances.

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Thanks James, but none of these are in the sweet spot of 4pm - 8pm.

Fair enough :slight_smile:

I always ride 1-3pm, so I hear you.

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Might be an interesting feature request that TT entrants can pick their starting time any time within eg. a 24 hour period

No, I don’t think that would be interesting at all.

Why not? Doesn’t the Herd series take best of each week for 10 weeks? Why have 5 events a week (over 1 day) with broken up results instead of one larger combined 24hr event to compare oneself with the other day’s participants?

There’s no way I want to have to wait up to 24 hours to find out where I’ve positioned in an event.

What you’re suggesting is a free ride on a TT bike.

you already have to wait 10 weeks though for complete results; 24 hours doesn’t seem long. Like any multi-stage event.

loud sigh

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besides couldn’t the LIVE tab show you where you stand earlier?

Zwift classics you have to wait up to a week for everyone to complete it to see results :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I don’t actually dislike the idea a bit like a weekly/daily global leader board maybe a bit like we all like to snag a meaningless sprint/kom jersey during a ride. You could have the Tempus/Bologna/Neokyo routes available to select at any point during the day to set a time.

but hey don’t stop what you are doing at ZHQ to create that though as i’m very unlikely to do a iTT :rofl:

I think having hourly events is fundamentally different to go and do this route whenever you feel like it.

It’s unlikely we’ll be running any TT events in our monthly series’ mainly just down to the lack of interest.


yep no way do i was to see hourly tt events with 1 rider racing. Was more a thought like how you can select a workout and do that solo you could select 1 of a few designated TTT routes and set a time that appears on some sort of daily/weekly leaderboard.

Probably because you’re already cross side from the TT so why would you also want to induce a seizure from the virtual neon madness?

I wasn’t aware of that, i will have to check that out👍🏼