Dear zwift, Can we have a TT stage on a future series

I really like the themed stage series that zwift run through the year.

There is one problem. The time trial format is never used.

PLEASE can we have a TT stage on a future series and on a course of at least 16km preferably with 200m of elevation. E.g. London 8 / sand and sequoias.

I’ve never seen this on zwift and think it would be a great change.

Thanks in advance.

A TT-themed tour or series, with a variety of courses and plentiful start times, is long overdue.


There is an Aero Army series going on right now. All 6 stages at 4:30 am Eastern time. Great right?

Bologna is a great time trial course.

if you mean the original TT mode and not just a mass start ride / race with draft off then it’s not possible atm. The official TT mode (with the distance bug on Tempus) is only working for Tempus Fugit and Bologna for the time being.

Mass start with draft off is fine.

True but too short. Needs to be a course that takes more than 20 mins to complete.