Tour De Zwift races stage variety

Please Please Please can one of the race stages be a time trial? This format gives valuable variety in racing and I think at least one of the stages (probably bologna) should be a TT.

While we are in the topic of there is a time trial can the results be aggregated across the whole stage irrespective of the time of event? I don’t want to have multiple mini leaderboards but a single grand leaderboard. Imagine how awesome it be to have each category with 1000+ places most likely separated by 001’s of a second per place.

ZP are doing a TdZ league with points like they did with Tour of London. Not quite what you’re suggesting but a typically brilliant resource from those lovely people at ZP

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I know that and agree. The league though is flawed as open to luck on which event you enter and who you’re up against. No doubt some fields will be stronger than others…

Hence my view that one stage should be aggregated TT irrespective of when you race it’s your best time against the WHOLE field. Nothing fairer.

Come on Zwift and zwiftpower make it happen.

Hi @Paul_Mason1 what do you think? Will @zwift make it happen?

Hi Matthew - do you mean here an out and out TT stage? Or do you mean a post-race calculation of all times for everyone completing, say, Bologna?

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I heard Bologna will be a time trial. As to across the board times, I would use Strava and simply check the weekly or daily report for that ride.

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Good news on bologna potentially being a TT. The Strava bit doesn’t solve the core issue as there is a tour De Zwift leaderboard on zwiftpower which is the bit I’m trying to propose changes.

Ride as a TT with post race calculation of all times into a single leaderboard, updates throughout the stage and finalised at the end.

I will be impressed if Zwift has the capability to cope with a TT line-up on the numbers entering the TdZ. Might it not end up like a group ride if there are, say 600 people on course? There would need to be lots of options of times to keep numbers down I would have thought.

However, I don’t really know what I’m talking about as I’ve never done a TT on Zwift. I’ve ridden Bologna though - that hill is very horrid.

Zwift has run Bologna time trial with more than 600. You may think you are drafting when you start with hundreds of riders. But, if it is a time trial, drafting is off and you can use a road bike.


Good to know, thanks, Zee

Yes I think it can cope in game it’s the results bit that is in question.

Looks like you got your wish Matthew…Well the course at least…

It says TT course but doesn’t confirm that its a TT. I suspect this is a race. And you are right they are miles away from an aggregated leaderboard which is the ultimate wish!

I don’t think it’s a TT either…

so, not a time trial from the new schedule. it will be a fast and tough race at the two climb distance of 24 km. get ready for some serious climbing pain. this course is wicked fast with draft turned on. don’t get dropped on the flat.