TT or Team Time Trials races?

(Joe 'Twin Tubs'Walker PACK SWEEP) #1

As an idea , (it may have already been covered)…how about a Time Trial mode…??..A set race over a set course , where you can race other riders or try to better your last ride. You could even try a team time trial ( 2 , 3 or more Up)…

(Tyler Bjorhus) #2

I would LOVE this! There are likely many triathletes that use ZWIFT and the current format promotes road racing. I want to focus on steady state racing and training. I can do that on the current platform, but it is less entertaining. I would love a time trial option with a time trial bike avatar!

(Jeremy Summers - Minehead CC) #3

I would love this too. Perhaps you’d have to sign up in advance, get a start time, get to the start in time and go off at one minute intervals - fastest/seeded riders from previous rides get a ‘0’ number on their back (Yes - numbers on the riders back would be great!). No drafting allowed etc. (perhaps don’t need the realism of getting up at 5:00 am…)

I think we would need pointy helmets though…

Team TT sounds great too!