Zwift TT and Hill Climb Club


as these Races are non-drafting and it is a solely solo effort, would it not be possible to be able to just do these whenever it fits into your schedule, i.e. not bound to specific start times? I can only ride between 5 and 8 am CET due to family and work restrictions, yet there never is any event in these timeslots though I would love to participate.

I know that there is the possibility to get into the pen before going to sleep and starting late the next morning, but 1) that is a waste of energy and 2) it does not allow me to get any kind of warm-up in before starting the event.

Any suggestions?


Zwift doesn’t currently have any way to do that as a race. My guess is they probably won’t work on that, but you could try emailing and ask for an additional race time that suits your schedule.

I will try that. Thanks!

I suggested this in the club forum months ago and got no response. Hopefully in the future you can do on-demand individual time trials. Would be awesome for east coast Australia during the week.

Interesting idea about starting the race hours earlier. I don’t bother with much of a warmup anyway so might consider that.