Interesting race times for the Nations Challenge

Australian events are at 4pm AEDT on Saturday and 11pm on Sunday. You guys know it’s summer down here and that riding at 4pm things will still be a bit warm? Not to mention starting the second race at 11pm means you won’t be finishing before midnight. Not so bad for the people in Western Australia as that will be a 9pm start but still. Any sort of reasoning for these times because I can’t imagine they are the most popular times in Australia?

I’d say times are spread out to ensure the servers dont creak too much more than they do already - they’ll know what the demand is likely to be from this series (from country to country) already and will likely balance those needs with whatever other scheduled events are planned. Or am I giving them too much credit?

Cant you turn on your fan/aircon?

Looks like Zwift has updated the times. 11am AEDT on Saturday and 6pm AEDT on Sunday. Who says Zwift don’t read the forums?

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lol - ok, will give you that one.

The NZ ones both shifted to the 11am/6pm timeslots too. Thanks for getting those tidied too :wink:

Times not totally right here in USA yet. Was advertised as being 11am/6pm central time, but currently it’s set to 11am/6pm mountain time. At first posting they had the races in pacific time, so at least they’re moving in the right direction!

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