ASICS Pro Series

Saw the announcement and can’t wait - always enjoy new running series.

But a recurring issue with these (for me on the east coast of the U.S., imagine for others in different time zones as well) is the times. I work during the day, so the only available times are 2AM or 10PM. :slight_smile:

Request: Can the event times vary each day? There’s 5-6 consecutive days, can the event times rotate each of the days?

Hi Brian,

I’ll pass on your feedback.

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Thanks @JamesBailey - I concur 100% with OP.

And there are other events (not just running!) that have the same issue. If you cannot make a time slot, you maybe look at the weekend… oh, but that is when you train outside - or sleep.

I agree. The times for this event and the Duathlon do not have worker friendly times. There are not enough time slots.

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Looks like no changes for additional times with this event series (or USA Triathlon Legacy series that I emailed support on). Disappointing. At least we have some new pacer bots, looking forward to that!

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