Zwift Classics 2022

Looks like the events for the Zwift Classics 2022 have just been added! Should be a pretty fun series this time around. Category enforcement, race specific power ups, and lots of time zones! Put together a post with all the details(I think). Feel free to check it out: Zwift Classics 2022 Announced - ZRace Central

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They appear to start on Monday 4th, not 11th. Your listings are a week out. :wink:

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The link isn’t working for me. I can’t find any announcements yet, we’re looking to put together a squad for the races but it’s hard to plan without all the details. :laughing:

They are all listed on Zwifthacks. Not much info, just seems to be races hourly every day through July & August.

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The description on the events says they start on the 11th, but are actually starting on the 3rd at 8pm for my time zone. :man_shrugging:

July 11 - July 17: The Apple Lap
July 18 - July 24: Watopia Cup
July 25 - July 31: Watch The Femmes
August 1 - August 7: Yorkshire Grand Prix
August 8 - August 14: London International
August 15 - August 21: Rund um Innsbruck
August 22 - August 28: Trofeo Bologna

@James_Zwift did this get setup wrong by the events team?

To be honest I’m inclined to believe the events are correct and not an unofficial blog, which doesn’t look to be from an official press release (no offence @Oliver_ZRace_Central !)

It’s the same on

The dates are either incorrect in the description, or they were entered incorrectly by the events team.

Ah ok, yes I see, it’s the event description and dates they are on that are different. My apologies.

Each round of events start at midnight (actually 00:10) UTC.

But it looks like you’re right.

I think I’m just going to go and cry in a corner for a bit after spending ten hours settings these up.


I was just going by the description as it is less likely to be messed up :joy:

Sorry all.

I’ll try to get these fixed tomorrow.

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Not an “official” Zwift blog, just a website that I created and use to share information about Zwift. I took all the info I used from the event description(there are not normally press releases for these types of events).

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Zwift has just announced that the Zwift Classics will be back again for 2022. In the past, we have seem very similar routes, and these seem to be very similar to the 2020 edition of the event. In 2021, Zwift partnered with WTRL to test their new Auto-Cat feature. The feature worked well for most riders, but for some riders, it didn’t quite work out. There also a bunch of downsides to the feature. That is why Zwift created Category Enforcement. While this isn’t what Zwift envisions to be the future of Zwift racing, it still does the job, and it fixes some of the flaws of Auto-Cat. For the 2022 Zwift Classics, Zwift will be using category enforcement for the entirety of the series. Most of the races in this series will be relatively short, all of them should be under an hour long

You will be off WTRL xmas list :wink:


Has anyone ever been on it?


Fair point, well made

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Just a heads up: I will be streaming the race at 9:10 AM PDT on my channel. I’ll be covering all categories.


I briefly saw a “Zwift Classics Week 2” or something in the league list on ZP a few days ago that has now disappeared.

Is it possible to get the results/standings PER WEEK for the classics? I’m trying to run a pick-up league locally based on relative ranking per week (B riders average ranking vs C riders rank vs D, etc) allowing riders to potentially miss a week without penalty (like they are penalized in the overall GC ranking on ZP).

Not sure if that’s possible without some heavy lifting by ZP community user.

It’s not something that I’m willing to do. It’s a few hours work for me after having spent approx 30 hours setting up all the Classics events in game and on Zwiftpower.

There was a community rider who set up the results for one week and then removed them for his own reasons.