Why did zwift change the classics event series part way through?

I was really enjoying the classics series and the races were really competitive. I don’t understand why zwift is changing the format of the Richmond race (4/5) to a different format from the others in the series. There was a GC competition in 3rd party site (zwiftpower) that’s now been ruined and the change seems to have no rationale. So @zwift please can you explain the reason for change? Ps you still have 8 hours to change the event schedule back to reflect the prior format if you wanted :grinning:

Agreed. Please explain Zwift.


I very much agree with posts above!

Zwift, please revert the remaining classic series events back to their original versions in line with the three already completed events, I/we have really enjoyed the format so far. This change has ruined our ability to continue competing in the GC hosted at ZwiftPower.

If not, please explain your rationale behind making the changes?


We from the Purple Armada second that request. It spoils a series thoroughly.


I actually missed the Yorkshire leg, so I’m out of the GC anyway, but I can fully appreciate the frustration of those who were in it for the GC standing. Making it open cat, choose your own length seems a little weak: at least when you race in your category you have a chance to be competitive, but this will just be A+ cat riders smashing it over each distance. For group rides, fine, but these are billed as races!


Thanks for the replies. Zwift still has time to revert this and put back to the advertised schedule. Please ?

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It seems to be reverted for the women - those races had vanished all together at first but are back to the former format… Confusion abound


Hopefully the Men’s events will be done soon too…


I agree this is my first go at racing a series. I’ve completed 3 events and was looking forward to riding the Richmond course. Seems bizarre to change the format halfway through and effectively cancel the series as Zwift power will no longer be able to produce series results


Women’s events definitely reverted back. Now more confused as men not changing? :confused:


You nailed the issue Matthew. What an incredible concept it was; racing GC across multiple ‘stages’ all in different Zwift worlds. Hugely fun and motivating, and was really rallying our team around the challenge.

It would be great to see Richmond offered in the old format so we could continue competing in grades.


Disappointingly they didn’t change it for men.

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Thanks adam. Most disappointing especially as I didn’t see anyone asking for the change. Why was it done?! Stay positive so it’s not changed YET but they are obviously listening otherwise the women’s events wouldn’t have changed last minute. Still opportunity to change it.

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