Classic race

I have not been a zwifter for long and the past 2 weeks have been enjoying the classic races as they are not to long for me as I am not able to ride long distances as of yet. When looking this morning I found it a bit frustrating that today’s classic is only accessible to women, can anyone shed some light on this? After all as far as I’m aware we all pay the same subscription but it seems a bit discriminatory to have less events for either male or female riders?

The events are still there. But Zwift has changed from categories based on w/kg to open category races based on distance. A is 3 laps, B is 2 laps and C is 1 lap. Anyone can join whatever category they like based on how much distance they would like to race. Yes, I know the C cat ride still says 2.5-3.1w/kg but this is most likely due to Zwift’s usual level of proofreading.

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When I look through the events there is a classic Richmond race but is only open to woman, this is what I was referring to. The past 2 weeks they’ve had 2 classic races at the same place and time one open and one woman only

There are 2 events, one is for women.

Mine hasn’t got that, can you only do a certain amount of these races? Mine only shows the ladies event

Click on FILTERS in the top right. The only way I could hide the race is by setting the filter to only show D events. They are still categorised as races.

There is no limit on how many you can enter.

Thanks it’s because no D category and I’m a novice, will try and put myself into the C I am just starting to get near

Zwift use the categories in two ways.

It can be as w/kg categories where A cat is 4+ w/kg, B is 3.2-4w/kg, C is 2.5-3.1w/kg and D cat is below 2.5w/kg.

Or it can be as distance categories where each category is a different distance, A cat is the longest and C cat the shortest. Some rides might only have 2 distances so they will only use A and B cat. These are listed as 1-5w/kg which means they are open races. You choose what distance you want to ride and enter that category. Your w/kg is irrelevant.

Zwift was using w/kg categories in earlier races but in the Richmond race they’ve switched to distance categories where each category is a different distance.