Richmond Challenge

I’m wondering if it is a typo or error that in the upcoming Richmond race, cat A and B are 1-5 Watts while cat C is limited to 2.5-3.1 ?

Hi @Stads can you post a link to the event? Not sure which one you are referring to.

Sorry I don’t know how to do that, it starts this Friday. Multiple time slots in Zwift companion app

I found it, it is the zwift classics race series. I thought they were normal races too, but this one says they are group rides:
A group is 3 laps
B group is 2 laps
C group is 1 lap

There is a discrepancy in their description. In the at top it says all cats are 1-5 W, but in the description of the C one lap it states the C Watt limits 2.-3.1
So which is correct? I wouldn’t want to decide do one loop and then get DQ for riding 3.6 Watts.

Yeah, I see that too and I am assuming it is a typo. If these are supposed to be more like group rides or mass start races, then the w/kg is irrelevant, and the categories are simply based on how many laps each group has to complete.