Zwift Classics 2022

@James_Zwift look like some rider having, add race into into there times, with 4 times not 3 times.

Zwift Classics - Watch The Femmes! (Special Guest)* (2343458 pts)

Zwift Classics - Watch The Femmes! (2274189 pts)

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Yeah i know. Its because the event got changed to a different name. Going to fix it tomorrow.


Fixed now.

Copy that and understood. Thanks for all you do for the community racers, James.

whens all this over so we can go back to crit racing, regular and predictable times, and/ or courses that are flat, again?

The times are the same every week (basically Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday use identical times as do Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday).

September will be a 4 week series, each week will have a different rolling route.


Not sure I get it Tbh. Are you saying there will be no more crits from zwift on crit city/ paris/ neokyo for a few more months?

Theres always a few knocking about from other people but they often aren’t cat enforced, and don’t have staggered starts, so they’re often a bit ■■■■

How do you get to be a person who sorts out their own races and formats? And what are the rules on that (joe regular etc)?

Yep, that’s accurate for the next couple of months at least.

Feel free to approach an existing event organiser (there are lots) if you want to petition us for those events to be scheduled but bear in mind that our response is likely to be down to whether or not there is room in the schedule.

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Are there any plans for catch-up events as part of this series? I missed the Apple Lap, but have been enjoying the others.

Mentioned before, but no plans for make ups.

We go straight into our next monthly series I’m afraid.

Ah okay, that’s a shame. Never mind. Cheers!

This has likely already been asked but upon a cursory search here I wasn’t able to find the answer…
Is there a detailed outline on the series scoring and overall GC for the classics? I’ve heard that it’s overall best time but I haven’t actually read that anywhere. Also wondering if there is a minimum number of participants for an event to count? I’ve entered a few with only 2 or 3 A’s signed up. Forgive me if I’m dense and it’s in plain sight

It’s overall time - but your best time each week.

No minimum participation.

For this latest event, London International, I seem to often have to log into Zwift twice in order for the ‘Join Event’ button to appear. Someone else reported the same yesterday in the same event. I’m on iOS/iPad

any further update on when the cirts will be back please James?

Potentially March. If you are missing racing Crit Events, please contact your team organiser (or another one if you don’t have one) asking if they would consider hosting Crit Events.

“Race Like a Champ” begins on October 3rd, featuring courses used in UCI events. Races shouldn’t take more than 35 minutes to complete.

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wow. thats like 9 months from when they were dropped from the schedule?

anyone know any good zwift alternatives… ?

There are non-Ziwft owned (ie run by other organisers) Crit Races.

Don’t really race myself but

“Even now before the season truly kicks in, the new Rhino Crit City races are getting pretty good turnouts,…….Personally the new Rhino evening UK time Crits have renewed my interest in the platform”

is one review which has come in.

Have you by any chance set up a search link on ZwiftPower to make finding flat Crit style races easy to find? (Not saying all these below are actually Crits but they are what come up under my search)

You might be better to use zwifthacks for that as it has far more filters and ability to share a saved filter.

E.g Crit races in the name Events