Hi, just a new guy checking out the forums (sorry if I’ve posted in the wrong place).

UK based and new to zwift (martial arts and some 10k to half marathons for charity is my usual).

Idea was to use zwift to maintain fitness (recovering from ankle injury) but it’s good fun, so think I will keep going.

No idea how it all works though lol.

I’ve done 158 km this week, so just looking to get into the training side of things.

Interested in group rides and wondered if the times shown are UK/USA/other? If there any groups that cycle in UK times that wouldn’t mind showing the new guy how it all works, that would be fab.

Happy :slight_smile:

Hi @Happy_Slugger, welcome to the forums.

I believe all times shown are in your local time. I would suggest trying a group ride that is on the slower end, 1.0 - 1.5 w/kg so you can get to know how the drafting logic works. Its kind of broken right now since the latest update so stick to rides in Watopia for now until they tweak it again.

Or ride with the pace bots that are always available in Watopia.


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Hi Mike,

Thanks for response.

I have to take it easy due to my ankle lol so I currently have an excuse.

I will have a look online and see what rides are available.


Its best to use the companion app to search and sign up for rides and events. The website is pretty terrible.

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Yep, I’ve got the companion app on my mobile and use my tablet / laptop for zwift.

I believe I’m looking around the group D kind of levels at the moment. I assume I just click the + sign to join?

Could do with some online instructions really.

Have a watch of this: Signing Up for a Cycling Event — Official Instructions | Zwift - YouTube

The key bit that’s kind of missing (there are loads of similar quirks in Zwift that you’ll get used to over time) is that you have to actually be in [any] world - i.e. have to have clicked through to start a ride - in order for the Join Event dialogue to appear. If you just wait on the main menu, nothing will happen.


Thanks Dave :+1:

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my name is sunil paul and i am new here

Hi :+1:

I met a few new people on a group ride yesterday also, which was nice. We did a 50km ride with RWB, I believe they are called.

Went out on my road bike today instead, as it was a lovely morning.

That’s a good tip! You would think they would add the ability to jump right to your upcoming ride right from the menu past trainer/HRM setup. They even show you that the ride is coming up in the event calendar, but the only way to get there is to free ride first. I literally stared at the screen for 2 minutes when I did my first group ride.

Hello Sunil. Welcome to Zwift! :slight_smile: